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LK Weekly: The Traveler Returns

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Heyo! A weekly update on a Monday? Preposterous! Though, maybe Monday makes more sense since I'm pretty dead by Friday most weeks.

I'm finally back stateside, after a long flight from Denmark on Friday. I spent 5 weeks in Europe, 2 of which were my first full-time vacation in 5 years. (I visited Ireland and Portugal, both beautiful countries.) I took advantage of my 10 hour return flight to play Cult of the Lamb and Dragon's Dogma on my Switch. Both great games!

While in Denmark, I completed the MVP (minimum viable product) version of Public Worlds! The update is quite functional, though purposefully missing a few features from the current version of LK, such as full-text search. These features will come in future minor updates, as they are a bit more complicated in a public-facing setting.

Big-ish Data

The main task left is a large data migration that needs to be performed on most LK projects. This is a bit of a hassle, but a necessary step to ensure the Public Worlds feature is stable. I need to migrate over 8 million documents, so it'll likely take a few days just to run the migration.

Any projects created in the last month are ready to be switched to public mode once the update is out, but all projects from before need some metadata tweaking to make things work right. Because I don't know who will be flipping the public switch, and some of you have worlds that are absurdly large, this is a process I need to run myself so I can babysit its progress, especially for the larger projects.

(To be clear, public worlds is an opt-in feature that you can enable per-project. That said, the update itself has changes that affect all worlds, private and public.)

Launch Partners

I'm also chatting with a few creators who'd like to premiere their projects with the Public Worlds announcement. Though we're likely full up on this pending a few conversations, if you have an amazing, completely original world you'd like to show off and perhaps be featured on the LK home page, send me a shout at braden@legendkeeper.com. (Apologies to anyone who reached out about this already; it just ended up being a bit too early.)

Progress on New Landing Page

While I was in Europe, Dan has been going beast-mode on development tasks related to a new version of the landing page.  This new version will be easier to update and customize, and allow public worlds to be served through the root LegendKeeper domain.

What's next?

Once Public Worlds is out, I will focus on support and maintenance for any issues that arise, and then work on missing bits of public worlds, such as full-text search. Following that, it'll be time for upgrades to the editor and image upload pipeline, both of which are long overdue for a makeover.

As always, thanks for your support! We're so excited to get public worlds out; we can't wait to see what incredible things you share with the world.

Written by Braden Herndon

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