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LK Weekly: The Legend Keep

Feature image for LK Weekly: The Legend Keep

Hey folks, tiny update today! Dan and I are still chugging away at the new LK home page, which will be used to host the public worlds feature. It needs to be a 1:1 match of the current home page, otherwise we risk dropping search rankings and breaking any links out there on the web. So we're being very meticulous!

Additionally, a good chunk of my bandwidth is currently being sucked up by my next big life adventure: Trying to buy a house 🏡. (If I'm successful, it will be henceforth dubbed... the Legend Keep!) I've been saving up for over 7 years now, so I'm eager to set up the LK biz in a space I can call my own.

Once again, I appreciate your patience! As you can imagine, I've got a monster to-do list, LK-wise and personal-wise. I still respond to direct messages pretty quickly, so drop me a line if you need anything!

Written by Braden Herndon

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