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LK Weekly: Happy Thanksgiving!

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To those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, we hope you have a great one!

Nearing completion of rebuilt legendkeeper.com site

Dan and I are nearly done with LegendKeeper's new landing page, from which public worlds will be hosted. This allows us to serve public worlds from our root domain, and give us much more control over how the site is displayed. I'm hoping to get the new site deployed this week.

Public worlds

I'm working with a few creators with big worlds to stress test and catch all the corner cases for the Public Worlds update. Naturally, this has churned up a few issues that need fixing. The biggest thing is emojis aren't displaying properly, so luckily these aren't super huge problems. 😅

Database woes

Over the weekend, something made the database very unhappy! Synchronization slowed to a crawl, so I put on my detective hat. After poring over statistics and slowlogs, I discovered that a few of our particularly zealous worldbuilders all logged in at once, and something was buckling underneath the weight of multiple projects with 10,000+ articles.

Before and after the database fix

It took a bit to find the culprit database query, but it was an easy fix once I did. A few optimizations later, the slowpoke query now runs 40,000,000x faster and has taken the crown for fastest query run by LK. 🚀

PAX Unplugged

I'm headed to PAX Unplugged next week! Last year was a blast, so I'm looking forward to playing games and hanging out with RPG fans and industry professionals again.

I'll be giving out (a limited amount of) 1-year gift cards for LegendKeeper, so come find me if you are attending! We don't have a booth this year, but you can reach out on Discord.

Written by Braden Herndon

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