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LK Weekly: PAX Unplugged

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Hey folks! Sorry for the late weekly; got a little distracted working on the Public Worlds update. I posted a link to the latest demo of Public Worlds in the Discord earlier this week. The response was great, and of course the limitless power of a community slamming into a new website churned up a few things that needed fixing.

You too can check out the demo here: https://lk.quest/demo .

Overall it's looking really good! Still a few issues to fix for mobile screens, but really excited to deliver it to you, as we're in the final stretch.

PAX Unplugged

Tomorrow I'm headed to PAX Unplugged to immerse myself in RPGs for the weekend. If you happen to be going, I'll be walking around with 1-year LK gift cards to give out, so reach out to me on Discord and we can arrange a time to say hello.

That's all for now!

Written by Braden Herndon

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