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LK Weekly: Recovering from PAXU

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Wow! What a weekend. I had SO MUCH FUN at PAX Unplugged. I spent nearly all my time chatting with vendors and creators. I met dozens of people from various parts of the RPG industry, including publishers, artists, writers, musicians, academics, composers, and comedians.

Just to namedrop some of the talented people I met with: 1985 Games, AFluffyGoomba, Alchemy RPG, Alec the Bard, Andre Rivera, AnneTheGnome, Arcane Anthems, Arcane Wonders, Arkenforge, Burning Wheel, CatieOsaurus, Chaosium, Denkles, D&D Beyond, DMDave, dScryb, Dungeon Scribe, FoundryVTT, Free League Publishing, JC from GenCon staff, Hero Forge, Heroes of Barcadia, Heroic Story, Hit Point Press, HTTPaladin, Kobold Press, LaTia Jacquise, Limithron, Loot Tavern, Mage Hand Press, MusicD20, Ted from Nerd Immersion, Rollacrit, The Griffon's Saddlebag, Shawn Banerjee, StartPlaying Games, Thirsty Dice, Tom Cartos, Wizards of the Coast, Yaniir Dice, and so many others!

Interactions ranged from simple meet & greets, all the way to conspiring to deceive convince the TTRPG community to butter their dice for better rolling (yes, dairy butter). This was such an inspiring, kind, and creative bunch, and I'm really energized from the convention.

I make a brief cameo in this video for the Heroes of Barcadia launch. (I swear the arm-flapping was a requirement of the game we were playing. I was in it to win it.)

The Aftermath

My flight back was exhausting, and I came down with a head-cold soon after. (No covid, luckily) I'm also moving out of my apartment while juggling development, support tickets, sponsorship deals, marketing and outreach, etc, so things are WILD right now. I'm a busy bee, but everything is progressing.


Ideally we launch the new landing page next week in preparation for the public worlds launch. I know this is ambitious with the holidays upon us, but the new landing page is done and just needs a final pass. The biggest risk here is doing something that wrecks our external links or SEO, so I'm quadruple-checking every detail.

The last big things on the public worlds update itself are a mobile display issue for images, and the big project reindex. The reindex is not difficult, but it takes a fixed amount of time due to the ~7 million or so documents it needs to process.

That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions.

Written by Braden Herndon

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