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LK Weekly: Settling in at the Legend Keep

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Hey everyone! The last week has been a bit crazy; I moved into a house and then was faced with "new homeowner, old house" events, most of which involved stuff breaking or clogging or flooding.

A giant mystical throne overflowing with a mystery substance. Uh... Picture totally unrelated.

Keeping Busy at the Keep

After much packing, moving, unpacking, plumbing, drying, deodorizing, lock-destroying locksmithing, hammering, drilling, arranging, and re-arranging, this Legend House is slowly becoming a Legend Home. I've got my office set up and I've resumed work on the big Public Worlds update. I've made several incorrect estimates of when we'll be finished, so I'll refrain from making another attempt. But... progress is being made.

Laying Foundations

While I was frantically treating water damage, Dan made great progress on cleaning up the PW update and adding editability features to the new LK client. Editing won't be part of the first public worlds update, but is prepatory work for bringing full read-and-edit mobile support to LK, and deprecating the old LK client. Editing support won't be until a ways into next year, though.

Now that I'm back at work, today I knocked out the queue of support requests, and resumed polishing and performance work. Anto from Icarus Games has graciously let me use one of his personal projects for stress-testing the new systems, which has gone a long way in fixing those little hard-to-find issues.

Happy Holidays!

That's all for now! Lots to do before the holidays roll around. There may not be a weekly next week; depends on how much we get done inbetwixt Christmassy things. Happy holidays to everyone!

Written by Braden Herndon

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