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LK Weekly: Mork Borg Board Lords

Boards has returned to the QA phase, and we believe we can launch on Monday.

Hey! It's Friday! Time for another weekly! 🦆


In case you missed Braden's post on Wednesday, we wanted to release Boards on the 1st but ran into some showstoppers--bugs so bad that you can't launch with them. After harnessing the power of open source, we think we've resolved the major issues. Many thanks to Steve, the maintainer of Tldraw. Boards has returned to the QA phase, and we believe we can launch on Monday.

In preparation for bringing boards to the people, Adam recorded a 20+ minute video tutorial for boards... But now he has to re-do it because the last few days of work have improved things a lot. 😅 Braden + Tldraw also added cool new stuff like new wiki card styles and a snap-grid.

We plan on doing a shorter "lightning-tutorial" video when we have more time on our hands. While we love super-short videos, they ironically take WAY longer to produce than screen-cast style content.


Here's what we think we'll be doing rest of the month:

  • Listen to all your juicy feedback for boards and make improvements. While we don't expect the core functionality of Boards to change much, we expect the UI to change a lot. The first version of Boards will be "dev-design." At some point, Justin will get his hands on it and give it that LegendKeeper !POP!
  • Simplify LegendKeeper's sign-up process to make it easier to introduce LK to new worldbuilders.
  • Update some of our internal tooling and build pipelines. LK's build process is a couple of years old and shows its age. This particular part of the software industry has progressed a lot in the past year or so--we'd like to do some upgrades to take advantage of it. These upgrades will make our development cycles faster, and make it easier to bring on devs in the future.
  • Attend PAX Unplugged! We are excited to get the team together again and do something fun to recharge for the new year.

Content Sharing

We've been talking a lot about content sharing and publishing with LK. While there's way too much to cover here, we've got many early ideas for sharing content between your projects (Templatelandia included), and to other users with simple hyperlinks. We think this is going to be huge! We're extra excited because our previous Example Projects sprint already accomplished a lot of the underlying infrastructure work. (Also, Adam made this mockup using LK Boards 💪)


With the Boards sprint winding down, Adam will be creating more content for our blog. He's made a MASSIVE backlog of content ideas; he's narrowing it down to a handful of ones we are most excited about. Expect more of that in the coming weeks!

Mork Bork Bestiary

We've made lots of progress on our Mork Bork bestiary. It is yet untitled, but all the content has been written. We've entered the design and layout phase with the help of Limithron. That name should be familiar to you, as his oceanic maps are found in every new LK project via the map starter pack!

We appreciate your patience with boards! It's taken a bit, but we think it will unlock a ton of awesome workflows with LK. We can't wait to see what you'll build with this kind of creative power! Point-crawls, makeshift maps, family trees, timelines, scrappy notes... really unlimited potential here. (Team LK really wants to play Microscope using Boards.)

See you next week!


Written by Adam Waselnuk

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