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LK Weekly: We don't have a Black Friday Sale but we do have cool updates

Boards is in the Quality Assurance phase. The expected launch is sometime next week if all goes well.

At this point, LegendKeeper Boards, is in the "QA" phase. This means the core features and UX for launch are locked in, and we are just finding and crushing bugs. This QA process took up most of our week. Big thanks to team Hydra Slayers for checking it out and helping us find the weak spots.

At our current pace, we are expecting to launch Boards sometime next week barring no major obstacles or show-stopping bugs.

Adam spent some time wrapping up the announcement blog post and some of the visuals we will share to promote the new feature. Early next week we will record a screencast that showcases all the features so that you can learn how to use it in no time! We think it'll open a lot of cool options for your world-building workflows.

Newsletter #4 - Magic Items

We shipped the fourth edition of the LegendKeeper newsletter. It's an in-depth interview with AbyssalBrews to learn about their process for homebrewing magic items. If you want to learn how to make magic items really pop, it's a great read.

It landed in your inbox at 3pm EST if you are subscribed to the newsletter.

The newsletter includes a reference to LegendKeeper Templates. We didn't have a public tutorial for those so Adam made one. This is part of a continued effort to better document the various pieces of LK!

Community Showcase

Adam gathered a bunch of community highlights together for our social media accounts. But they are hard to find!

So we put together this curated gallery of community creations using Airtable, allowing us to gaze in admiration whenever we want.

We're always blown away by what you all come up with---Boards and other things have been keeping Adam distracted from community highlights recently, but he's hoping to get back to it in December so watch this space!

Example Projects

In case you haven't heard of Example Projects yet, this new blog post explains what they are, and how we made them.

It's a public page so please share it with anyone you think might still be on the fence about trying LegendKeeper. We've found that they really show off LK's potential to new users!

Draft of new pricing page and LK Grant

This week Adam wrote a brand new Pricing page (not yet public) and the draft of our "LegendKeeper Grant" - a program that will allow eligible applicants to get LK for free (also not yet available).

After Boards launches and feels stable, we will be putting some time into opening up a new billing and signup process for new LegendKeeper users. Our goal is to make signing up for LegendKeeper more accessible and compelling, and then start marketing in earnest.

Fear not - all of you, our current patrons, will not be left behind! We'll be fleshing out and communicating a migration strategy for billing when the time is right. The patron price guarantee has your back.

Thanks for your patience on this weekly; Thanksgiving festivities in the US slowed things down a bit the past couple of days. But hey, Braden got to see his Memaw! :)

See you next week!


Written by Adam Waselnuk

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