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LK Weekly: Putting ourselves out there

Another busy week for LegendKeeper. Twitch appearance; Announcements center; Patreon migration; Borough Bound; Marketing Ideas

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Lots to cover this week so let's get started!

Reminder for Patreons: Claim your lifetime discount by Monday to receive an exclusive gift!

We are in the middle of switching billing systems and offering a lifetime discount to all our Patreon supporters.

Thanks to everyone who has moved their billing details into our new system. As of this writing, about 46% of you have made the move already. That's incredible!

If you haven't had a chance yet, this weekend is your best chance. Anyone who follows these steps by Monday will receive an exclusive puzzle encounter called The Wizard's Door.

We are collaborating with Borough Bound to create the most ambitious Example Project yet

Ancora Bay - RPG city by Borough Bound
Ancora Bay is an RPG city by Borough Bound

We are thrilled to announce that Borough Bound has agreed to work with us to recreate Ancora Bay as an Example Project in LegendKeeper. Example Projects let you instantly create full copies of LegendKeeper worlds, so you can explore and experiment yourself.

This will push LegendKeeper to its limits, and provide a first class way to explore a fully realized RPG city - complete with hooks, NPCs, plotlines, maps, and music!

To give you an idea of the scope, the complete guide to Ancora Bay is 88 pages long 😱 We will be working closely with Borough Bound in the coming weeks to flesh out the project.

You can check out a free sample of Ancora Bay on their Patreon page.

Warlocks & Waffles

Warlocks and Waffles with LegendKeeper on Twitch
Adam and Braden appearing on Warlock's & Waffles.

Adam and Braden appeared on the Warlocks & Waffles morning show this week.

It was a casual discussion that began with a serious evaluation of LegendKeeper then devolved into Adam becoming the patron saint of Tea Temperatures, and Braden becoming the patron saint of Air Frying and Air Fryer Maintenance.

Watch the video here.

New Announcements section in LegendKeeper

Blog feed and changelog in the LegendKeeper app.
The new announcements section.

We deployed the new Announcements section. This is part of our ongoing efforts to move our main communication hubs off of Patreon and into new, in-house locations.

People in Discord have expressed how hard it is to find our guides and announcements from the app. We hope this helps. Thanks for that feedback!

Refresh your browser to load version 11.3.0 and you should see it.

Email notifications

Adam finished our Zapier workflows to pipe important news straight from our website and into your inbox. We are starting to gradually turn these new systems on.

Be sure to check your email notification settings to see what you'll be kept up to date with. We are also piping news into the Discord's #media channel so you'll see it there too.

Please let us know if anything seems broken as we roll these out. Bugs can always be reported at https://lk.quest/support.

Community plans

The final phase of our comms changes will be figuring out how to get the community to discover and comment on interesting stuff. It's really, really important to us to see what you think about features and to shoot the shiz whenever we can.

We are planning to refresh our Discord roles soon to make more sense, and we are also looking into some of their upcoming beta features (Forums!!) to make things easier to find.

Marketing Ideas

LegendKeeper marketing ideas.
Marketing Ideas for building top of funnel.

With Free Trials live, we are now moving into a more focused marketing phase. Our core marketing goals right now are:

  1. Discover the best channels to find new visitors
  2. Improve the likelihood that a person experiences the value of LegendKeeper during their free trial

To tackle this strategically, Adam followed the first steps in the process outlined in the book Traction. The idea is to set a goal, and then explore the best options across 19 possible channels. After that, you shortlist the most promising channels. This all leads to a list of tests you can perform to figure out where to focus.

We officially launched some Facebook Ad tests this week, and will be learning from those over the coming weeks.

The image shows how how our marketing idea board looks right now (this is just the top half!). We would love to hear from you too! If you have ideas for how to share LK with the world, let us know. We know it's going to take way cooler stuff than just Facebook ads.

Patreon content migrated to blog

Adam finished migrating old Patreon content onto our website. We wanted to preserve some of the important history of LegendKeeper.

His favourite find was this post announcing Braden's full time commitment to LK.

We also have changelog all the way back to version 0.7: Fates, in case you want to see a history of the feature development.

Thanks for reading. This was a long one!

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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