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LegendKeeper 101 - The Basics & Beyond

We want to introduce your to our fast and friendly tools, amazing community, and a wealth of resources for inspiration. Let’s get started.

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New to LegendKeeper? Log in and take a look around, then read these tips to help you make the most of it, as well as get connected with our incredible community.

LegendKeeper is a platform focused on enabling your creative flow. We streamline worldbuilding workflows rather than cramming in endless forms.

With that in mind, we want to introduce your to our fast and friendly tools, amazing community, and a wealth of resources for inspiration. Let’s get started.

Tools and functions

Slash Commands

Typing / in the Editor will bring up lots of useful options to drop an item into your page.

  • Try /layout to format your page into columns, perfect for featuring images, tables, and text side by side.
  • Using /secret will drop in a block that you can hide from your players. This will be essential if you’re giving other players access to the project.
  • Typing /help will bring up the full list of Slash Commands and keyboard shortcuts.
Slash commands menu in LegendKeeper
The Slash Commands menu

Connecting your pages

  • @ – As you’re writing, you can quickly drop in a link to an existing page with the @ symbol.
  • [[ ]] – If you want to create a new page for something you’ve just come up with, type it in [[double square brackets]]. The new page will be automatically nested under the page you’re writing on.
  • Auto-link – If you’ve already written a whole page, the auto-link feature will scan your text for the titles of existing pages in your project. You can review them before you apply the links. You can auto-link with the slash command /auto-link, or press Ctrl + Shift + L, or find it in the Page Options menu in the top right corner (3 dots).

Every page can have a map

Every page in your Wiki can attach itself to one map. You can add a map with the Attach map button in the right hand menu.

Every map can have pins

When you’re looking at the map, right click and drop a pin to connect to another page. For example, if you have a page and map for the region of Sword Coast, you can drop a pin over the town of Triboar to link to that page.

If you have a bunch of pins on your map, holding SHIFT will show you which pins connect to other maps. SHIFT-clicking on a pin will take you straight to that page’s map.

This tutorial shows you how to nest maps in the LegendKeeper Atlas.

Use your pages on your Boards

LegendKeeper Boards are freeform canvases for creating flow charts, whiteboarding, or drawing anything with your project members. Every page in your Wiki can be dropped onto a Board using the Wiki tool. This lets you play freely with the world you've already created.

The wiki tool!
Just a heads up - Boards is a very new feature, so we are still developing the documentation for it. You can read the launch announcement and find an in-depth tutorial here.


Once you get the hang of the basics, it’s time for the real secret to worldbuilding success with LegendKeeper: our community.

The LegendKeeper community is a group of more than 5000 worldbuilders, game masters, writers, developers, designers, gamers, and more. They have created a ton of resources that can inspire you today.

There’s several ways to connect with our community:

  • Join Templatelandia. This community-led initiative is a special LegendKeeper project that showcases community-made templates you can use for inspiration or copy into your own projects. To join, fill out this form.
  • Post on our Subreddit. A great place to ask questions, share ideas, or make requests. We watch for any new posts and they usually get good interaction.
  • Join our Discord. If you prefer discussing your ideas or asking questions in real time, this is the best place to be.

Pro Tips & Free Resources

Advanced features

The short video below gives you a speedrun through some of the more advanced techniques you can try out with LegendKeeper:

  • Use SHIFT to leap through map levels
  • Use auto-link to separate your writing step from your editing step
  • Tag pages for easy filtering
  • Use sidebar shortcuts to jump to your current work-in-progress
  • Use tabs to break larger pages down into manageable chunks

Free Resources from Team LegendKeeper

The LegendKeeper team publishes a wide variety of free resources right here on our blog. Start with these to get your imagination going:

We also send out a monthly worldbuilding newsletter by email, which contains our most in-depth articles. You can read past issues and subscribe here.

We hope these tips and tricks help you create your best work with LegendKeeper. We always love seeing what our community builds, so please share in the Discord or on Reddit!

You can keep up with our official Twitter and YouTube channels for community spotlights, new feature announcements, and handy videos like the ones above.

Happy worldbuilding!

Written by Will Staunton

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