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LK Weekly: Recharging

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Hey folks, it's been a couple weeks so I thought I'd check in. I took a vacation last week to recharge my batteries, and then ended up sick this week so things are a bit slow on my end.

What have I been up to?

Honestly, mostly boring marketing stuff. Reaching out to agencies, sponsorship opportunities, landing page experts, that sort of thing. I personally don't enjoy it a ton, but it's what keeps the machine running at the end of the day. The ideal is to improve our brand presence so that people looking for a worldbuilding tool can find us, and then provide them one that is constantly improving.  Both goals are forever a work in progress :) I'm working on outsourcing some of this work so I can focus on the core product.

Editor Improvements

Editor-wise, I'm working on LK's next new block type: the Data block. This allows you to insert rich, tabular data in your sidebar. The data types include text, numbers, links to other articles, counters, progress bars, clocks, eventually real (and fantasy ;) dates etc. Useful data displays that allow you to create effective infoboxes for your articles and templates. Below is a prototype mockup; will end up looking a little different than this.

You'll be able to customize the labels, colors, etc. What other data types would you like to see?

I'm also pondering... It would be interesting for the "internal link" data type to have a bidirectional option, no? I.e., if I put in a data field called "Cousin" on "Pippin Took" that pointed to "Merry Brandybuck" and marked it "bidirectional", then it would show up on "Merry Brandybuck" as well. There are a few questions there though... How to decide what data block that should show up in, what to do when there's no data blocks, etc. Some of LK's flexibility can lead to awkward UX challenges like this.


I've also been thinking about Aliases a lot, as in multiple names for one element. I wanted to get your feedback on this actually: How do you expect it to work? Do you imagine it as a property block type called "Aliases"? Or some other hidden configuration tucked away in the context menu? I imagine you'd like some aliases to be secret?

Anyways, it's been pretty quiet this week. I'm headed to Denmark again week after next, but like the previous times, it doesn't affect anything except my timezone.

Written by Braden Herndon

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