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LK Weekly: Hello from Copenhagen

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Hey everyone; just checking in with another weekly. This week, I've returned to Copenhagen to visit my girlfriend. I'll be here for a month or so, so expect my hours of activity to be shifted by about 7 hours :). After a few days of jet lag, I think I'm mostly settled in!


The next update,, will introduce custom colors for pins, and will come out sometime this week. This is a long-awaited feature, and I'm excited to give you some more design flexibility for your worlds.


Aside from some bug fixes, my main focus now is getting the new editor over the finish line. Yesterday I worked on the new editor's implementation of Expand Boxes and Tables. They are mostly finished (and surprisingly complex!). I'm really excited to get this major editor update out, as it clears out the cruft of the legacy editor, and will mean the editor code will be fully under my control, rather than through a (very old, very complex) third party library. It opens a lot of doors! I'll probably do a deep dive post on the editor— text editors are, no joke, one of the hardest things to build, even with editor frameworks doing most of the heavylifting.

Once the editor is out, I'll be balancing my dev time between bug fixes, QoL improvments like role and tag management, the upcoming timeline/calendar feature, and atlas improvements. Sometime within all that too I'll be releasing v1 of LegendKeeper's public API. I hope it will allow the developers in our community to make some helpful tools. I'd love to see a worldbuilding assistant Discord bot that can send stuff to your LK project, or tools to help smooth out import/export for other platforms.

As you can see, there's a lot to do, so I best get back to it. 😅 Hej hej!

Written by Braden Herndon

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