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LK Weekly: Unleash the creative potential of every worldbuilder

Blog posts, Big picture, Texas Hackathon, Borough Bound, Crucible Magazine, Facebook Ads, Mork Borg maps.

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When we think about the longterm future of LegendKeeper, we imagine unleashing the creative potential of every worldbuilder.

This week got us thinking about our big vision. Right now we are focused on Game Masters, but that's just the first step in our mind. Every player who names a tavern is also a worldbuilder. Every person who sketches a map in a notebook. Every writer who jots notes for a strange city. Every fan who posts their crazy theory on a disney forum...

We've got a ton of work to do still.

New blog posts

We published two new blog posts this week. LegendKeeper 101 is perfect for newcomers or for those of you who haven't logged in for a while.

Running a West Marches Campaign is a really interesting read even if you don't care about that game format. DMRawlings, one of our most active community members, lays out his approach to organizing his LegendKeeper world, and collaborative worldbuilding with his players.

Adam also shipped a couple minor changes to the blog, including a new signup form for our worldbuilding newsletter.

Texas Hackathon starts Monday!

Adam is flying to Texas on Sunday, so starting Monday morning the full team is going to be in one room for a full week to sort out our roadmap, experiment, and build stuff.

We'll do our best to post snippets in Discord throughout the week. You can expect a stacked LK Weekly next Friday, since we'll have our next moves ready to announce by then.

Here's a sneak peak of our agenda:

Notion workspace for LegendKeeper
This is the more tactical section of the agenda.

Borough Bound and other collaborations

The creation of an epic Example Project with Borough Bound is in full swing! For those who missed last weeks announcement, we are moving their entire Ancora Bay setting into LegendKeeper as a new Example Project. This gives us the chance to push LK to the limits and make sure it can support such a rich, multimedia project.

Thanks to community members Ren and Alan for helping us build the project. It was a great feeling for us when we got to pay members of our own community to help build an awesome LK project. We hope to have many more opportunities to do that!

We also made fantastic progress on some other secret collaborations this week. We'll share more as soon as we can.

Facebook and Microsoft Ad experiments

We are experimenting with Facebook and Microsoft Ads. We still have no clue if paid ads will be a viable way to promote LegendKeeper, but we know more this week than we did last week.

As of now, we've been able to get FB ads as low as $0.21 per click. We see promise here and want to continue experimenting.

On the other hand, Braden tried a bunch of different things but Microsoft still managed to find ways to sell us ads at $10.00 per click. That's 48 times more expensive than Facebook. So yeah, we uh... stopped those.

Mörk Borg Map

Adam is working to finish off final design details of our Mörk Borg bestiary. We decided it should have a little map. The designer asked for a napkin sketch, so here's what Adam came up with:

Napkin map of Skarhuld for Mork Borg bestiary.
Napkin sketch of Skarhuld.

Shoutout: Crucible Magazine Kickstarter

Our friends The MAD Cartographer and TJ Phoenix (The DM Toolchest) have banded together to launch a new 5th edition magazine.

Crucible Magazine will package tons of homebrew content for 5e into layouts that look gorgeous in both PDF and Foundry VTT.

We love seeing creators band together on projects like this, and we hope that someday they will add LegendKeeper to their list of supported platforms.

Check out the kickstarter, and get in early with us!

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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