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LegendKeeper is now free to try

After 3 years of development and thousands of happy patrons, today we launch our Open Beta. Sign up for free and unleash your creative flow!

LegendKeeper is now free to try. Visit app.legendkeeper.com/signup

For the last 3 years and 4 months, LegendKeeper has evolved from a small side-project into a complete set of creative tools for Game Masters and Worldbuilders. Our journey so far has been made possible by the generous support of our Patreon subscribers.

Today we are making it easier for anyone to give LegendKeeper a try. You can sign up today for free - without pledging on Patreon or pulling out your credit card.

Get started

Free for 14 days. No credit card required.

When you sign up you will begin your 14-day free trial and experience the creative freedom our users love. We hope you will subscribe and build the worlds or campaign settings you've always imagined! We think you will appreciate our simple approach to pricing.

If you decide not to subscribe after your trial, it's no problem - your data is always accessible for you to view or export.

Feedback from real patrons

The best way for us to show you what we've accomplished with our Closed Beta is to show you what our patrons have said about LegendKeeper in their own words.

LegendKeeper reviews and testimonials.

What's next?

While we still consider this a Beta, LegendKeeper is stable, secure, and delightful to use. We have big ambitions for the future, so we are shipping fast and moving at a steady pace towards Version 1.

We recently launched Boards, collaborative worldbuilding canvases that connect to anything in your wiki.

You can see all of our current and planned features here.

Thank you for trying LegendKeeper. Let us know what you think!

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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