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Open the Gates of the Multiverse!

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Hey everyone! Proud to announce LegendKeeper's latest update, 0.13 "Public Worlds". It’s easier than ever to share your worlds with your party members, friends, and fans. All you have to do is flip a switch and share a link!

If you click the “Share” button in the top right corner of the LK app, you can get a link that will allow anonymous viewers to access your world.

As with any application with sharing, check out the link yourself so you know what to expect. ✌️ You can see an example of a public-facing world here.

This “Public Worlds” update utilizes a brand new LegendKeeper client, built from the ground up to work on both mobile and desktop. The new client is currently read-only and only accessible through public links. The collaborative editing experience will remain on the desktop-only client for now at app.legendkeeper.com, but we’re in the process of moving all LK functionality to the new client. The plan is for LK to be 100% mobile compatible.

As with all big releases, there are a few bugs that I’m in the process of remedying. Once this 0.13 “Public Worlds” update is stable, we'll turn our attention to quality-of-life improvements, polish, and updating our text editor.

How will you use this update? If you've got a cool world you'd like to share with us, send it our way! I'd love to see it!

What's next for LK in 2023?

We're working on a lot of cool stuff! The new editor is the next major feature on the list, but after that the order and specific details of each roadmap item are up in the air. This is a big list, so it's likely we won't get to everything this year.

  • Bug fixes, polish, quality of life improvements
  • A new text editor, with new features like:
  • Less jank ☺️
  • Rich media embeds (Spotify, Youtube, audio, etc.)
  • Content generation assistance 👀
  • More content block types, including: free-form text, labels, data tables, transclusion, tag index blocks, progress bars and other types of counters, a grid block that would be useful for lists, galleries, inventories, and more.
  • Moving 100% of editing and viewing functionality to the new client and deprecating the old one. (You won't have to do anything; 100% backwards compatible)
  • A visual and ergonomic timeline and custom calendar system, which will allow you to reason about your world chronologically.
  • Enhancements to the atlas, including map labels, regions, grouping, layers, and more intuitive controls.
  • A new map processor that will support larger maps, more filetypes, faster.
  • Boards V2, which will bring better stability, support, and whiteboard tools, like embedding articles directly in boards.
  • An activity feed and meta/social layer so you can keep tabs on your collab world. We're unsure of the scope of this yet, but it'll likely center around the activity feed and a commenting feature. We aren't trying to replicate Discord here; just enough tools for a social world to feel alive.

ETAs are all unknown at this time. Done when it's done 😉.

Smol Business

As you may know, the LK team is small! We are a 100% bootstrapped business, meaning it's entirely self-funded and self-sustaining. We don't take money from investors or large corporations, meaning that the only two things that guide us are 1) our values, and 2) you, the user. We value integrity and the creative spirit over profits.

All that to say: Thank you! We couldn't be here without you! The LegendKeeper project started 5 years ago, and we plan on being around for many more.

Known bugs we're working on in 0.13:

  • Worlds duplicated after 0.13 don't show up properly when using sharing links.
  • Image pins aren't working in the public version of projects; they gracefully fallback to the regular icon pin.
  • Sometimes in-project link texts show the old name of a renamed element.
  • Outdated permissions from users that are no longer in a project can cause elements to be hidden in the public version of a project.
  • Public worlds don't yet support search, but will soon.

Written by Braden Herndon

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