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Dev Update: Playing with Blocks

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I heard you like dragging and dropping things? Content blocks in the text editor now have a handy little grip menu that allows you to drag blocks and insert content easily. Additionally, content block options have been moved into the grip menu, making for a much cleaner interface with less hover-y things flying around everywhere.

Crunchy Stuff

Whew! I finally got update out. Despite only having a few user-facing features, this update was enormous. If you've followed prior dev logs, you're probably tired of hearing about it, but LegendKeeper's development was being slowed down by outdated, hard-to-use infrastructure. Super long build times, clunky configurations, boring crunchy stuff that wasted literal hours of every day.

Long story short, I fixed all that and now I can deploy an update in a few minutes instead of an hour. Additionally, I've moved all of LK's inner workings to a managed infrastructure platform, meaning they handle all the complicated cloud stuff, and I just focus on making a cool app. This is a huge improvement that I expect to pay off massively over the next few months!

New Feedback Platform

We've moved all LegendKeeper feature requests to Canny.io, a fantastic way to organize and prioritize our roadmap items. You can even see what we're working on next. 👀 Check it out here.

What's next?

I am super excited for 2024! This infrastructure update is like a fresh clean slate for what's next in 2024: Timelines, a revamp of the Atlas, a revamp of Boards, and tons of quality of life things that have been a long time coming.

Have a great holiday season!

Written by Braden Herndon

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