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User -facing changes

  • Added drag and drop functionality to content blocks within the editor.
  • Moved block controls into the drag handle menu for a cleaner interface.
  • Added a "add below" button to the drag handle menu for easily squeezing content between two content blocks.
  • Added block delete button in drag handle menu.
  • Added block duplicate button in drag handle menu.
  • Added content drag and drop between the main editor and Text Field Blocks.
  • Added new row and column table controls.
  • Updated "LegendKeeper Update" notification.
  • Reimplemented Google login to not need Firebase dependencies; should result in faster login and more lightweight login screen.
  • Fixed bug causing expand title to be copy-pasted twice.
  • Fixed table copy paste bug present in Windows.
  • Fixed a few visual bugs around the app
  • Various bug fixes

Backend changes (crunchy stuff here)

  • Rewrote legacy application to use Vite instead of ancient Create React App.
  • Merged legacy LegendKeeper client into the new monorepo.
  • Abstracted all synchronization and business logic out of LK to separate module for use in future multi-platform versions.
  • Redeployed all LegendKeeper services onto new managed infrastructure
    • Reduced client update deployment time by 88%.
    • Reduced server update deployment time by 95%
    • Updates to the server will no longer trigger update dialogs for the client.

Written by Braden Herndon

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