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LK Weekly: Quick Update

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Hey everybody! Last week was busy! I've been hard at work on knocking out the last few bugs in pub worlds. Next on the bug list is getting image pins to work on public links, and some other scroll area issues.

Additionally, I've resumed work on the editor updates, as well as some long overdue quality of life improvements.

WIP: new image plugin for the editor.

Some upcoming stuff:

  • Spotify and YouTube blocks for the right sidebar (blocks for the editor coming later with editor improvements).
  • Custom pin colors
  • Editor improvements

The editor upgrade is coming along pretty fast. I've implemented most of the content types; last big thing is the table cell controls and menu. Tables are an endless nightmare of complexity and... LK users really like to use them for everything apparently. 😅

That's all for now!


Written by Braden Herndon

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