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LK Weekly: Bugfixing!

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Hey everyone! I've had a very busy week! We launched the Public Worlds feature last week, and the response to it was huge. Worldbuilders have already shared hundreds of projects in just a few days. I'm really glad that it's so much easier to share your worlds with others.

This week has been mostly fixing bugs. It's been 100% minor, presentational stuff, but a high volume of it. I've remedied 90% of the biggest issues, and the support tickets have thankfully slowed down. There's still a few formatting differences that need some work.

(From here on, I'll be referring to the new LK client that public worlds run on as "LK Next". )

There are a few glaring omissions from LK Next that need attention: 1) image pins, which don't work yet, and 2) a search feature. Search is a complex feature, but it's a core LK offering that I think is important. I'll need to set up a data store, index your text documents, and expose a search feature with permissions.

Editor Next

I've also resumed work on the new editor. Interestingly, I finished a lot of it a year ago, but with all the changes around it, it needs some tweaks. The first editor update should be mostly identical to the current editor, albeit with nicer styling and more consistent behavior. Quick to follow will be new enhancements and content types that should make your life easier, like word count, media embeds, grids, galleries, and other stuff.

Once Editor Next is done and backported to the legacy client,  I'll be turning my attention to bringing 100% of LK's functionality to LK Next, and retiring the legacy client (app.legendkeeper.com). This will make LK fully responsive on desktop, tablet, and phones, and overall be a much more performant and visually polished experience.

From there on, there's lots to do: Timelines, calendars, content modules, social features, better sharing, etc, not necessarily in that order. 😉

One year of new billing

It's already been a year since we switched to the new billing system. I just wanted to thank everyone who switched over last year! It's a huge help, and allowed us to financially plan for LK's long game. We're drawing ever closer to our dream of getting Justin on full-time, which would be fantastic!

That's all for now!


Written by Braden Herndon

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