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Ravings from Skarhuld: A Bestiary for Mörk Borg

The cursed bestiary from LegendKeeper is now available on DriveThruRPG!

Ravings from Skarhuld: A Bestiary for Mörk Borg by LegendKeeper
Seeking to expand their pastureland, herders at Sarkash’s edge demolished an ancient, ruined wall. Amidst its foundation stones, they discovered a bundle of papers wrapped in oilskin. Those pages described, among others, the horrors inhabiting myth-spun Skarhuld.

We've got something special for fans of Mörk Borg (7x ENNIE winning, 980% funded, doom metal album of a game), or anyone who has been curious about dipping their toes into the fast-growing OSR scene.

With help from some top-tier independent creators, LegendKeeper is pleased to announce the release of Ravings from Skarhuld: The Lost Brother's Bestiary.

What you'll discover inside

Ravings from Skarhuld demo by LegendKeeper.
Sample spread from the PDF.

Ravings from Skarhuld is a collection of 20 new monsters for Mörk Borg set inside the mysterious continent of Skarhuld. Piece together the final notes of the ill-fated Brother Korpsång as you encounter the monsters of a realm that cannot be saught.

Ravings from Skarhuld includes:

  • Shocking double-page layouts by Limithron, presented in the A5 zine format.
  • An original map of Skarhuld, shifting and shredding its own fabric in the violent blender of space-time.
  • 20 new monsters, individually illustrated and written by Thomas Novosel. Inspired by our collective childhood darknesses like Metallica's MTV videos, The Jungle Book, and whatever Koolaid Alex Garland was drinking when he created Annihilation.
  • Editing, creative development, random tables, and curses by Walton Wood, the founder of Ex Libris Mörk Borg.
Ravings from Skarhuld demo by LegendKeeper.
Beware the blue rain.
Ravings from Skarhuld demo by LegendKeeper.
What happened to Brother Korpsång? Best not to inquire.

Pay the tithes and enter twice-damned Skarhuld

Ravings from Skarhuld is available as a downloadable PDF on DriveThruRPG.

Until May 1, 2022 we are lowering the price by 33% for the LegendKeeper community. Use the link below and Ravings from Skarhuld will be added to your cart on DriveThruRPG for $6.66.

Use this special link to claim the discount --> ENTER SKARHULD

Don't forget to jump into our Discord later to share the tale of what happened in Skarhuld.

Bonus: Apocalyptic Worldbuilding with LegendKeeper

Map of Skarhuld displayed in LegendKeeper.
LegendKeeper Content Module preview. UI not final.

LegendKeeper's community is constantly creating useful templates and inspiring content. Later this year we plan to release features that will make it easy to package up and share content on LegendKeeper.

We will release Ravings from Skarhuld (and many future projects) as LegendKeeper Modules.

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Wiki page for Mork Borg in LegendKeeper.
LegendKeeper Content Module preview. UI not final.

Written by Adam Waselnuk

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