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Weekly: Looking for a developer!

In this edition: updates on 0.12, a new newsletter, LK merch in the wild, and a job posting!

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Hey squad, weekly update for you!

I completed my apartment move on Thursday, got my internet set up, and unpacked my desk. LK HQ is up and running once more! I'm relieved that's over; next time I'm hiring movers. Moving myself was entirely too much work. 😅

Unified UX

Justin and I are meeting up tomorrow to run over the final 0.12 UI and do some polishing. If everything goes well, it's looking like 0.12 could release this week. I'm really excited to launch this mega-update. Once 0.12 is out, I'll need to turn around and update our landing page and youtube videos pretty quickly, as they're out of date.

Then, I'll be turning my attention to 0.13, which is an overhaul of the text editor itself. I actually started on 0.13 last year, so it's maybe 70% done already, but the last 10-20% of something is always more complicated than you think. This update will introduce a drag-and-drop block interface for content in the editor, and smooth out a lot of editor interactions in general. This new editor is also much easier to extend, which will allow me to add missing text editor features like color and alignment more easily.


The latest edition of the newsletter came out! This time around, our writer Carson introduces us to the world of hard and soft magic systems, and how they can be used to spice things up in your game sessions. As always, you can check that out on our newsletter page here.

LFD (looking for dev)

I'm looking for an experienced front-end developer to help with a well-specified, paid project! We've got a UI component library in Figma that needs to be turned into a library of React components. This design framework will be used on future iterations of the LegendKeeper app, as well as other LK-related pages. The ideal candidate:

  • Has experience making pixel-perfect, interactive, dumb components in modern React and Typescript. (hooks + React 18)
  • Is comfortable pulling specifications from a design tool like Figma or Sketch
  • Is not afraid to ask a million questions when the requirements are unclear
  • Can create a React library from scratch using tools like npm, Storybook, and base component frameworks like RadixUI or Material UI v5.
  • Is proficient with a modern, themeable styling solution like styled-components, Stitches, or Tailwind. (I'm open to ideas here: The important part is that it's consistent and maintainable)

If you or someone you know are interested in this, reach out to me at braden at legendkeeper.com. This is a contract-based, work-for-hire position. 👍

LK Merch in the Wild

A wild "Braden's gf" was spotted at the Copenhell metal festival sporting some LegendKeeper merch. You too can become a proud owner of this kickass shirt and wear it to metal festivals by purchasing it here at our merch shop.

Ok, bye!


Written by Braden Herndon

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