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  • The "Mentioned In" block has been upgraded to "Backlinks". The Backlinks block more accurately catalogs @-mentions of an element elsewhere in your project.
    • You should expect your "Mentioned In" results to change a bit. They will become technically more accurate. It will no longer link "Unlinked mentions"; we'll consider adding that as a feature in the future.
    • You may need to hit the "Rebuild Indexes" button under Settings > Project > Advanced, after which your entire project will be reindexed.
  • Backlinks now show and link directly to the tab where the link is.
    • Backlinks only supports pages, but has the infrastructure required to report pins, board cards, and other kinds of links in the future.
  • Fixed long-standing bug causing some pages to skip search indexing.
  • Added "change image" button to image blocks in properties.
  • Templates should no longer show up in Tag Index blocks.
  • Fixed bug causing settings menu to close itself on first tab click.
  • Public view now respects Sidebar: Open/Closed default setting.
  • Disabled unintended ripple effect on tabs.
  • Various bugfixes and style tweaks

Written by Braden Herndon

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