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  • Added Aliasing feature
    • Add an "Alias" block to sidebar to give alternate names for an element
    • These names will be usable in @-mentions, autolinks, and search.
  • Definite article coercion
    • When you have an element that starts with "The", like "The Castle", @-mentioning that element after a plaintext "the" or "The" will shorten the mention. For example, "Let's go to the @The Castle" becomes "Let's go to the Castle."
    • This might be a bit finicky; please provide feedback on it in Discord.
  • Filter trash
    • You can now filter the contents of the trash by name, making it easier to find and restore elements.
  • Empty trash
    • Project admins can permanently empty a project's trash.
      • This will IRREVERSIBLY DESTROY elements in the trash upon confirmation.
      • Do not submit a support ticket asking to recover an emptied trash bin, as it is not possible.
      • This may increase performance on particularly large projects with many elements in the trash, especially after emptying trash and then performing a Reset Local Data to clear deletion metadata.
    • This is a very complex feature due to the way LegendKeeper works; let me know if you see anything weird.

Written by Braden Herndon

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